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This section of MyOnlyPage.NET is under construction. We will have it online for one reason only, it is still unbelievably helpful even when it is under construction. I hope it will make your computing life easier.

Before we start:
Read Me First

What can I do with my new computer?
Networking & Connectivity

Wireless troubleshooting
How can I resolve the "Limited or no connectivity" issue?
Bluetooth, How can I use it?

Network Concepts
Network Concepts

Errors in Windows

How to disable error message reporting in Windows XP
Operating System

I did not get a "Windows XP" CD with my PC
How to Create Recovery CDs if you did not receive Recovery CDs? (Acer)
Web Browsing

How to make internet explorer auto fill username and password
How can I change my homepage?
CD-ROM problems
Sound Issues

There is no sound when I play CDs or Audio files

Is my modem working properly?
Mouse and Touchpad

Touchpad Tapping
Power Issues

My Computer will not turn on

My monitor is displaying "Input not supported". What does that mean?

How to change the size of an image

My computer is slow. What can I do to speed it up?

What port is used for ____?
ANSI and Unicode
Java cheat sheet
Chatting Online

Chatting Abbreviations

It will be easier to follow the instructions if you print the article first.
If you have a problem with your computer and would like the answer for it posted on this page, please send me a description of the problem you are having by going to the Contact us in the main page of MyOnlyPage.NET
Click Here for a list of the tech support numbers

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Tom's Hardware Guide
What is my IP? FreeWare Guide

Mike's A+ Resource page
Mark's OS test (May have Pop-up)




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